Facts About Americans That You Didn’t Know


Facts About Americans That You Didn’t Know

Americans have a very unique sense of humor that is seldom seen in the rest of the world. It’s almost impossible to imagine that many Americans don’t know what a sleigh is or that a cat can be considered a mammal. Here are a few ways that Americans are so funny.

Dumb as a post. As the phrase suggests, Americans often use dumb jabs at their foes and other nations around the world. The United States has gotten so rowdy during its conflicts that it has become a cause for mockery among some international observers. For example, some people call for the United States to stop invading Iraq but Americans claim it is an attack on freedom of the press.

Owns the market. Just as Americans are extremely picky about who they sell to, they are also ultra-competitive when it comes to their products. Everything from the sound of a pop song to the style of a baseball cap matters to Americans and therefore anything that is different is automatically the best. All of this comes with a lot of cost though; as when the Federal Trade Commission decided that the most popular playing cards that are printed for use in Texas casinos were made in China.

Who plays on their baseball teams? As the saying goes, the Democrats always win, and Americans love to thumb their nose at the Democratic Party by saying that the Republicans are better. At least Americans are honest enough to admit that the Democratic Party has some serious flaws.

Don’t worry about how high tech it is. No one in America gets upset with the sophistication of their own homes, but people are alarmed at the fact that almost every major home appliance and computer have become more sophisticated. As an example, while Americans are loving their laptops, the latest version of the iPad is already in demand as a tablet computer. No one in America is interested in debating whether tablets are really portable computers because they know that it won’t matter anyway. And, no one is comfortable with the fact that some things are completely non-American. In other words, they just don’t believe that the United States should be hiring workers from other countries.

Although this is not yet a widely accepted, popular notion, there are actually several other instances where Americans are the most hilarious of all. Those few examples are not the only ones though. Many others have been uncovered over the years.