Is American Society Being Perpetrated By The Good Of The Nation Or The Evil Of One Individual?


Is American Society Being Perpetrated By The Good Of The Nation Or The Evil Of One Individual?

One of the more interesting things about American society is that we all seem to look out for one another. While this is true in many places, America has some of the strongest social institutions that exist anywhere.

I think this is one of the reasons that so many Americans are concerned about ISIS and its activities. While there may be some good in that group, and it may even save a lot of lives, it also does bad things that would otherwise be done by another group. While Americans like their individuality, we don’t like it when it’s used for nefarious purposes.

Many Americans feel that police are overstepping their bounds and becoming too militarized. This is something that has been going on for a while, but now it is getting worse. Part of the problem is that the federal government has put the police force in an area where they can be very aggressive. Indeed, there is a tension that has been building for quite some time between the local and federal police.

It is good that police are under such constant scrutiny. Some of the time, officers need to be reminded that they have more power than they realize. When the cops can go out and start executing people on a whim, you know they are going to have a bad day.

Americans feel that they are under attack and see it as their duty to defend their country. Even those that feel most comfortable with the government seem to feel the need to defend it at all costs. Americans want to protect the system that they have worked hard for, yet they want to do it without causing collateral damage.

We need to remember that if we start to lose the fight, we will suffer. This is the nature of war. Many citizens are even more upset about being sent into harm’s way than they are about being targeted. Indeed, a large part of the rise in support for the military came from angry citizens who were uncomfortable with the kind of policing they were getting in this country.

The reason many of us are upset with American culture is that we seem to be right on the wrong side of history. People who never knew anything else seem to be upset because people in our own country are not obeying the law. Indeed, I can tell you from personal experience that most Americans are not following the law. In fact, there are many Americans who never pay their taxes.

This is the unfortunate reality. America has tried to build up its walls against identity politics and have become unable to do so. With the rise of ISIS, the country is facing the kind of struggle that it was facing hundreds of years ago when the native peoples were forced to take up arms against the English.