Why Health Care Reform Will Help America?


Why Health Care Reform Will Help America?

Many Americans can be forgiven for being a little less than thrilled by the US health care system. Health care costs are not as high as they used to be and still coming up below the national average in cost is not an issue that the US Congress seems to want to tackle.

It does not help matters that, in recent polls, Americans still have no clear idea about what the government should do to lower health care costs. There is a general expectation that the government will just raise taxes so they can create more regulations and over protect its citizens, but this seems like a very unrealistic expectation.

Higher taxes would mean more government and more regulation and higher insurance premiums. Incentives do not always produce the results desired and it has been proven time and again that the more incentives you give people the more people get complacent. One of the ways to keep people working hard is to reward them with some free stuff.

One way to attract the attention of Americans to your business is by offering free government checks in exchange for their business. There are many businesses that offer free health care insurance to employees and the work they are doing is helping many Americans out.

The best way to help lower health care costs is to allow Americans to pay for their own health care insurance premiums. The government could offer health care insurance at a very low price, so it will be more affordable for the American consumer.

As we prepare for the impending health care reform, we must continue to focus on the consumers. Free government insurance that allows Americans to purchase health care coverage from businesses in exchange for their company to benefit is an excellent idea.

Free government checks is a great incentive for Americans to take control of their lives by starting a business and doing what they enjoy doing and the government should allow that. Everyone wins and most importantly, America will not go broke. Starting a business and giving away free government checks is an excellent idea that will bring even more Americans to your business as people realize that they do not have to worry about health care costs. Start today and see if you can get Americans to start working for you.